• Macon Police Chief Warns of Various Area Scams

    Macon Police Chief Warns of Various Area Scams0

    Macon, Missouri – Macon Police Chief Steve Olinger would like to provide a word of caution to the citizens of Macon and surrounding areas concerning the various scams that seem to have been circulating in the area during the passed few weeks. Most of these scams involve telephone calls to citizens asking for personal information,

  • Telephone And Online Scam Alert

    Telephone And Online Scam Alert1

    According to a local computer technician and Knox County native, Chris Gonnerman, his business, New Century Computers in LaBelle, MO, has received reports from two individuals and one business in Edina about a computer scam. People have been contacted by telephone by someone claiming to be from Microsoft or the Windows Help Center who tells

  • Scam Alert0

    HPD – The Hannibal Police Department has received numerous inquiries concerning a possible telephone scam. The caller identifies themselves as being affiliated with the police department or FBI and states if you allow them to display signs in your yard, you will receive a free security system. The Hannibal Police Department does not endorse any