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      Dear Editor and People of Knox County, On April 2, we have the task and privilege to go to the polls and decide on a number of offices and issues, not the least of which will be the issue of increasing the tax levy for the Knox County Health Department.  The current levy is

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       Dear Editor:    Citizens of the Edina, there is a tax question on the ballot in the upcoming April election that needs your consideration. We are all aware that the streets are in poor condition throughout the City. They are of high priority for repair but that takes money. The City has budgeted $60,000.00

  • Shelby Community Firefighters Complete State Course

    Shelby Community Firefighters Complete State Course0

      Nine Shelby Community firefighters completed the Missouri Basic Firefighter Course. They were recogninzed on Tuesday, March 12, at the monthly fire department meeting.   According to Shelby Community Fire Chief Mike Geisendorfer Preston Hall, Andrew Pantaleo, Maverick Taylor, Corey Cooper, Byrant Gibbons, Brad Arment, Rowdy Vanskike, Clay Kiser, and Ethan Geisendorfer completed and passed