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    DFS Office Closure Means Changes For Emergency Food Distribution

    Submitted by:
    Richard Whiteaker

    The Knox County Food Pantry board announces a change in the way in which they will be distributing emergency food to families in Knox County who find themselves in need of such assistance. Due to the closing of the Missouri Department of Social Services building in Edina and a reduction in the staff to one person who will be located in an office in the Sears Building, Social Services can no longer take requests for emergency food after May 30, 2011.
    Starting June 1 and until further notice, anyone needing emergency food will need to go to the Blake’s Furniture Store on the south side of the square in Edina where they will complete a food order. The store is open from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. A Food Pantry board member will then fill the order, deliver it to the furniture store and the family can pick up the food at the store. A family can receive up to 3 food orders per year from November to November. The Food Pantry will not deliver food except in a dire emergency. If a person can not physically pick up the food , they will need to make arrangements with family or friends to pick it up.
    Often there is confusion about the two organizations in Knox County who distribute food. The Food Pantry distributes emergency food on as needed basis. The Knox County Food Cupboard distributes food on a monthly basis from food provided by the Mid & Northeast Missouri Food Bank in Columbia. There are no changes in the Food Cupboard’s monthly distribution. Each year the Food Pantry receives donations of money, meat and other food items from the annual Thanksgiving community service food drive; school food drives; regular contributions from churches, clubs and businesses; and other sources within the county.
    A family in need can also contact leaders and members of any church in Knox County for assistance. Please contact a Food Pantry board member with any questions about this change. Present board members are Maynard Blackwood, Leon Blake, Betty Jo Gonnerman, Bill Hunziker, Janet Long, Maurine Mayer, Richard Whiteaker, Carolyn Wofford and Clint Wofford.