• Log Jam on Fox River

    Log Jam on Fox River0

    A large log jam has developed in the Fox River east of Kahoka, at the end of Rt. EE. Fast flowing water from the recent heavy rains have swept hundreds of logs, trees and other debris downstream, where much of it has piled up against the pillars of the bridge. On Friday morning, Clark County

  • Missouri 2018 Tax Free Weekend August 3-5

    Missouri 2018 Tax Free Weekend August 3-50

     Shoppers in and around the State of Missouri will be doing their school shopping August 3, 4 and 5 in 2018 during the state tax holiday, which eliminates state sales tax for various items. Some cities and counties across the state have increased their chance to pull in more customers by eliminating local taxes

  • Storm Damage in Edina PHOTOS + VIDEO

    Storm Damage in Edina PHOTOS + VIDEO0

    A few Edina residents woke up to find tree damage on the northwest side of town, which is believed to have happened during a heavy downpour on Friday evening, July 13, 2018. Several trees along North Cottey Street, within about a 50 to 70-yard radius, were snapped or uprooted. Residents near the damage didn’t notice