Clark County Sheriff Urges Caution Opening Text Message

Clark County Sheriff Urges Caution Opening Text Message

Several people have contacted the Clark County Sheriff’s Office concerned about a text message which reads; “Someone complimented you! See more on here”.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office found the following information while searching the internet looking at related websites; one of the websites stated the following: The app’s name is an acronym for “in real life,” and it’s popular among teenagers who use it to foster relationships with one another in person.

“The app’s website says it’s meant to make it easy for friends to send each other invitations to hang out in real life. The goal is to “solve the technology addiction” and bring people together in the real world instead of over technology—by using more technology”.

We have also heard the app might be able to track your location. The Clark County Sheriff’s office did reach out to US Cellular and they did not have further information. If you receive this text message the Clark County Sheriff’s Office is advising not to click on the link.  The information shared by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office was from the following website


Clark County Sheriff

Shawn Webster

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