Lady Indian Runners Win Two Events At Jerry Ball Relays

The Clark County Lady Indians topped two events at the Jerry Ball Relays, held last Tuesday at Culver-Stockton College in Canton.  The Relays were hosted by Highland High School

Renae Buschling won the 3200M, with a time of 12.38.  She also placed second in the 1600M with a 5:46 time.

Keelie O’Brien won the 800M race with a time of 2:43.

Individual results were:


100M- 18th-Tressa Campbell, 15.05; 22. Sarah St. Clair, 16.71.

200M- 9th-Anna Ross, 29.18; 12. Ebbie Shelton, 30.28.

400M- 7th-Keelie O’Brien, 1:09; 22. Miranda Golbricht, 1:24.7.

800M- 1st-O’Brien, 2:43.

1,600M- 2nd-Renae Buschling, 5:46.

3,200M- 1st-Buschling, 12:38.

100M Hurdles: 7th-Ashtin Bradley, 20.03; 9th-Chelsea Davis, 20.47.

300M Hurdles: 6th-Bradley, 1:00.53; 11th-Davis, 1:05.69.

4 x 100: 10th-Bethany Boyd, S. St. Clair, Davis, Campbell, 1:02.84.

4 x 200: 9th-Bradley, Karlee Ross, Shelton, S. St. Clair, 2:12.

4 x 400: 9th-O’Brien, Jena St. Clair, K. Ross, A. Ross, 5:07.

4 x 800: 2nd-Buschling, K. Ross, O’Brien, J. St. Clair, 11:37.

High Jump: 3rd-Kailey Roberts, 4-8; 8th-Janet Dever, 4-0.

Long Jump: 7th-A. Ross, 13-10.5; 21st-Shelton, 9-2.

Triple Jump: 3rd-A. Ross, 31-7.

Shot Put: 3rd-Natalie Martin, 30-4.5; 4th-Morgan Flood, 30-3.75.



100M: 8th-Jacob Trump, 12.06; 19th-Adam Conners, 13.37.

200M: 8th-Hunter Hageman, 25.42; 17th-Conners, 27.93.

400M: 13th-Chance Sonnenburg, 1:02; 19th-Alex Worrell, 1:08.01; 19th-Taylor Worrell, 1:08.01.

110M Hurdles: 10th- Brayton Prewitt, 27.03.

300 Hurdles: 14th-A. Worrell, 54.6.

4 x 100: 6th-Prewitt, Sonnenburg, Trump, Hageman, 49.06.

4 x 200: 6th-Sonnenburg, Hageman, Trump, Prewitt, 1:44.

4 x 800: 8th-Leighton Bradley, Tony Corvaia, Blain Lindsey, Levi Rockhold, 10:14.

High Jump: 9th- Cody Nance, 5-2.

Long Jump: 9th-Trump, 18-2.

Triple Jump: 14th-Lindsey, 28-11.

Shot Put: 11th-A. Worrell, 36-2.75; 15th-Ryan Corvaia, 34-9.

Mike Scott

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