Repair or Replace? Kahoka Board Discusses Street Shed

By Mike Scott

The City of Kahoka’s Street Shed on Vine Street is in need of repairs.  The building, erected in the 1960’s, has several poles that have rotted at ground level.  At last month’s meeting, the board decided to get estimates to repair the poles.
At the Monday, December 10, meeting, the Kahoka Board of Aldermen review one repair estimate.  The amount of that estimate was not publicly announced.
“Can we assume if some of the poles are bad, most of them are bad?” asked Alderman Larry Young.
“He (the contractor) expects to need to repair every pole,” replied City Assistant Jim Sherwood.
Some of the poles could not be inspected because they were covered with metal, or there were materials stored against them.
“Do we want to put very much money into an old pole building?” asked Mayor Wayne Blum.  Blum noted that in addition to the rotted poles, the roof was rusting and would need replacement in a few years.
“Before we speculate, let’s find out what it would cost to put up a new building,” suggested Alderman Jeff Wood.
The board instructed Sherwood to get estimates on a replacement building.
The board also discussed replacing a tube in the 1000 block of North Johnson, near the Matt Moore residence.  Rainwater from the field runs through a parallel ditch, and has washed out Moore’s driveway.
In addition to installing a 24 inch tube, of which Moore agreed to pay half of the cost, the project includes some excavation work.
Alderman Wood questioned the project.
“I’m not sure it’s our problem,” Wood said, leading to a brief dispute between himself and Mayor Blum over whether the work should have been started without council approval.
City Attorney April Wilson suggested that the matter be discussed further in closed session.
In other business, the board:
--Approved the finalization of the Downtown Enhancement Project by signing documents that had not previously been signed.  No further costs to the city were involved.
-Approved the low bid of $1196 for six new tires for the Cable Department truck.  The low bidder was Ball GMC.
-Approved building permits for Jacob Armstrong, William Dunning, Sr., and Matt Fox.
-Discussed the former Pamida building.  Two aldermen reported that the owner, Zion National Bank, has not returned calls from interested local parties.
-Mayor Blum announced that the City of Kahoka is named as an heir in the George and Vera Heinze Trust.  No further details are available.
-Approved repairs to a city bucket truck caused when a branch kicked back while tree trimming.  The approximate cost is $1000.
-Officer Daron Dalton was commended by Mayor Blum for the professional way he handled a recent call to the school.  School officials had contacted the Mayor to praise Dalton.
-Fire Chief Fountain reported that the city and rural departments had responded to 45 fires this year.
Alderman Jerry Webber said that a water customer on West Main was requesting a refund on their water bill, their water connection and meter were replaced.  The motion died without a second.
-Alderman Wood asked the city to begin advertising for a worker for the Water Department, which has been shorthanded.

Mike Scott

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