Hospital Receives Certification for Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Hospital Receives Certification for Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Program                 

Recently, Scotland County Hospital's Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Center received full re-certification by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.  Krissy Siegfried, RN, Cardiac Rehabilitation Center Supervisor stated, "Recertification occurs every three years and is a rigorous process that focuses on quality patient clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, progression of risk factor reduction goals and safety."  The recertification process was completed by former Cardiac Rehab Supervisor, Shannon Quillin, RN.  Certification recognizes those programs rigorously reviewed by a national board and found to meet the outlined essential requirements for standards of care.

Primarily, physicians refer patients for cardiac rehab that have experienced a heart attack, coronary artery stent, coronary artery by-pass grafting, valve replacement, or new onset stable angina or heart transplant.  During cardiac rehab at SCH, the caring staff formulates a rehab program for a patient that focuses on preventing a second episode, which includes changes in lifestyle behaviors thus reducing of risk factors for disease progression and necessary information for softening the impact of cardiovascular disease on quality of life.

Physician referral is required to enter the cardiac rehabilitation program.  If you have been referred to outpatient cardiac rehabilitation, you have most likely experienced a cardiac event that has caused a great deal of stress for you and your loved ones. Depression and anxiety are common feelings as you deal with the changes in your body image & life style.  The SCH Certified Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Center is designed to support you in your healing process, both physically and emotionally, and to assist you and your family in understanding & managing your newly diagnosed disease.

A certified cardiac rehabilitation unit incorporates a comprehensive program for recovery and rehabilitation. The SCH Certified Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Center features a multidisciplinary approach. The program includes education, monitored exercise, and support. Progress and rehabilitation is monitored by a cardiac care team that includes a cardiac care nurse, certified in advanced cardiac life support; various educators such as a physician, registered dietician, social services and pharmacists are also part of the team.

At Scotland County Hospital's Certified Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Center the overall goal is to help the heart patient change those risk factors in their life that make them more likely to have heart problems.

Cardiac rehab sessions focus on educating the heart patient and their family on topics that include: exercise, risk factors, signs of an emergency, understanding heart disease and arteries, nutrition, cholesterol management, diabetes management and the effects of smoking.  Siegfried says she strongly encourages each heart patient’s family to be involved in the rehabilitation and patient education.


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