Dog Lost In Wayland Area Recovered In Ohio

Dog Lost In Wayland Area Recovered In Ohio

A Collie/Husky mix dog belonging to David & Bette
Pullins of Rural Wayland had vanished for nearly two weeks only to be found in
Union City, Ohio.

Bette Pullins
stated, “The last time we had seen “Gypsy” was on Saturday, March 17. On March
23 we received a call from the Flying J Truck Stop near Wayland that they had
seen her hanging out around there. But when we went there to try and find her
she was nowhere to be found. And then on March 29th we received a call that she
had been found in Ohio. On March 31, I and a friend went out and got the dog,
who was very happy to see us. They were able to contact us by her rabies tag, which
was attached to her collar

Of course our biggest question was how she got to Ohio from
Flying J, but we believe that she was picked up. Our fear was that the dog had
been taken. Since we have gotten her back we have learned that there is a lab
in Pennsylvania that works with dogs in tests and she might have been in route
to go there.”

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