Paul Alvin Pfannenstiel, 55, Richmond, MO. died April 10, 2011 at the Ray County Memorial Hospital in Richmond, MO.

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    Tie Votes May Force Special Elections In Two Races

    Two local races ended in tie votes in Tuesday’s municipal elections, leaving the Wyaconda mayor’s race and the Clark County Ambulance District #3 races undecided.
    In Wyaconda, Heather Williams and Chad Yocum each received 27 votes for mayor.
    “In Wyaconda, the city board will have to decide how to proceed. They could have a run off election, or one party could step aside, or they could have a game of chance, like a coin toss,” said Clark County Clerk Leih Ann Hayden.
    The Clark County Ambulance board will have the same choices, according to Hayden.
    Other election results were:
    City of Wayland
    Michelle Roberts-35
    Lance Sonnenburg-90
    Mary Woodbury-8
    Alderman (Vote for 2)
    Sally Fox-39
    Doug Smeltser-86
    Shirley Bunker-85
    Village of Luray Trustees
    (Vote for 2)
    Ed Nye-13
    Chris Moeller-13
    Steven M. Buium-5
    City of Alexandria
    Ward 2
    Ronald Gates-4
    Ward 1
    Tina Fox-4
    James Worster, Sr.-8
    City of Wyaconda
    East Alderman
    Tracy Russell-24
    West Alderman
    Lisa Ann Cochran-20
    City of Kahoka
    Wayne Blum-127
    West Alderman
    Jerry Webber-60
    East Alderman
    Jeff Wood-70
    Ambulance District 3
    Helen Pearson-13
    Tammy McDaniel Ramsey-13
    Vickie LaVeck-1
    Ruth Brotherton-6
    Ida Ross-2
    John Doe-1
    Monte McAfee-1
    Judith Gaston-4
    Melvin Yates-1
    Ambulance District 6
    Ruth Brotherton-48
    Vickie LeVeck-30
    No ballots were cast in Clark County for the Lewis County
    C-1 school board race or the Scotland County R-1 school board race
    Overall, 416 of Clark County’s 3430 registered voters went to the polls last week, a low turnout of only 12.62 percent.
    “A lot of people didn’t get to vote, because there was nothing for them to vote on,” said Hayden.
    Clark County R-1 Schools opted out of the election because they had exactly the same number of candidates as available positions.