Smokebusters Aim To Ban Smoking In Edina

Smokebusters Aim To Ban Smoking In Edina
By Echo Menges

Three Knox County students, Kathleen Hinkle, Brady James and Jessen Miller, representing the Knox County Smokebusters group addressed the Edina City Council at their regular monthly meeting Monday, April 11, 2011 to push for a No Smoking City Ordinance, which would ban smoking in public places, including businesses and outdoor areas, within the city limits. The group provided the Aldermen and Mayor with a sample City Ordinance and cited several studies in which second hand tobacco smoke has been proven to cause health problems in nonsmokers.
The Council discussed the ramifications such an ordinance could have on local businesses with one in particular, the Blue Room Bar & Grill, which allows smoking in the bar area of the establishment. The council decided to table any vote until the City’s Attorney could look the sample ordinance over and they could research ordinances other cities have in place.

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