• Courthouse, Roads Top New Clark County Presiding Commissioner Ron Brewer’s Agenda For 20110

    Courthouse, Roads Top New Clark County Presiding Commissioner Ron Brewer’s Agenda For 2011

    By Mike Scott
    “We have got to get the courthouse project going,” said Clark County new Presiding Commissioner Ron Brewer. “We need to get it ready for construction to start.”
    Work on the courthouse and addressing road concerns top Brewer’s agenda for 2011.
    “The courthouse is going to be a challenge until it is done,” Brewer said. The project is currently mired in controversy with the Missouri Department Natural Resources’ Historic Preservation Office. That agency provided a $57,500 emergency loan to the county to stabilize the building. As part of that agreement, DNR has to grant its permission for demolition, something that has not yet occurred.
    The condition of the county’s roads is another issue facing Brewer.
    “Our roads are a problem that will take time to fix,” he said. Brewer noted that he has not found many records on road maintenance.
    “The only thing I’ve been able to find is a card file showing how much rock has been put on the roads,” he said.
    Brewer stated that he would like to improve the record keeping, such as having a binder with all the county’s roads inside. When any work is done on any road in the county, it would be recorded.
    “When people come in and say they haven’t seen a grader on their road in a long time, we can pull out that book and show them when the last time someone worked on their road was,” Brewer said.
    Brewer would also like to see road crews finish more projects before being pulled off to begin a different project.
    “Right not we have projects started all over the county. They might work on one for a few days, then get pulled to a different project all the way across the county,” he said.
    “We cannot change everything overnight,” Brewer said. “I want to use a common sense approach and do my best to address the problems. I want to see things more visible to the public. I don’t want to hide things. I’m working for the public. They put me here. I want to treat them with honesty and respect. But I have only one vote out of three, so all I can do is break ties. I have to work with the other two commissioners to get the job done. All I ask is that you don’t crucify me right off the bat. There’s a very steep learning curve, and I’m going to do my best.”
    Brewer, who also farms about 200 acres and operates a towing service, plans to continue those activities.