Democrat Leader Gronstal Throws Constituents’ Petitions on Floor; Stomps Off in a Huff

Leader Gronstal Throws Constituents’ Petitions on Floor; Stomps Off in a Huff

Local Gun Rights Group says Senator
has Forgotten Who He Works For.

Des Moines, IA – Aaron Dorr, Executive Director of Iowa Gun Owners,
didn’t receive quite the answer he was expecting when he approached Senate
Majority Leader Mike Gronstal at the State Capitol on Thursday about supporting
a gun rights bill currently in Committee.

to Mr. Dorr, Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal threw hundreds of his own
constituent’s petitions on the floor and stomped off after being casually
approached about supporting S.F. 473 which would reform Iowa’s concealed carry

never seen anything like it really,” said Mr. Dorr.

politicians will at least have the decency to smile, shake our hands and save
their utter disgust for ordinary people for conversations with their staff and
fellow politicians.  Senator Gronstal
apparently can’t even keep up the facade.”

            Dorr said he had tried to speak to Senator Gronstal about
supporting S.F. 473, “The REAL Right-to-Carry Bill” weeks ago, but received a
noncommittal answer.

            His goal in approaching Senator
Gronstal Thursday was to show the Senator just how many of his own constituents
support passage of S.F. 473.  The
petitions that Senator Gronstal threw on the floor were actually all from
constituents living within his district.

            “Politicians forget who they work
for sometimes,” said Mr. Dorr.  “Again,
it’s not that often a politician will actually come out and show us so clearly
what he thinks of his constituents, but voters can see when a politician starts
to lose touch with his district.”

            Mr. Dorr went on, “Apparently,
Senator Gronstal cares more about kowtowing to left-wing special interests than
he does about supporting legislation his own constituents want.”

            “The truth of the matter is, it’s
time to pass REAL Right-to-Carry in Iowa and Senator Gronstal needs to realize

            Should S.F. 473 pass it would allow
any Iowa citizen who chooses to carry a concealed handgun to protect themselves
and their families.

            Currently, Iowa law does allow for
conceal carry permits, but Mr. Dorr says the process is flawed.

            “Under current law, rogue government
officials can and do deny conceal carry applicants a permit just because they
feel like it.  It can be because they
don’t like your politics, your family, your religion, the way you dress or the
type of work you do.”

            Mr. Dorr said, “I think this is
ridiculous.  I believe every adult has
the God-given and constitutionally guaranteed right to self defense, and no
government official should be allowed to curtail those rights just because they
feel like it.

why I believe folks need to start contacting Senate Majority Leader Gronstal
now and demand the Senate takes action on S.F. 473.  Iowa citizens need to see exactly where their candidates stand on
this legislation, and that can only happen with an up-or-down vote.

it’s defeated, so be it.  Iowa citizens
will see where their candidates stand, and we’ll see where the chips fall after
the next election.

one thing Iowa citizens won’t tolerate is the type of disrespectful
stonewalling exhibited by Senator Gronstal,” said Mr. Dorr. 


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