Bond PROPOSES AMENDMENTS TO BLOCK BACKDOOR EPA REGULATIONS Senator Submits Provisions to Protect Family Farms and Small Businesses WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Kit Bond today introduced a pair of amendments to protect farmers, families and workers from backdoor attempts by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to impose new carbon dioxide regulations.              “These

  • Missouri wind speeds for energy production lower than predicted0

    Missouri wind speeds for energy production lower
    than predicted

    COLUMBIA, Mo. –Average wind speeds in Missouri are lower than reported on a
    state-produced wind map, said a University of Missouri atmospheric scientist.
    This finding may affect utilities and private investors planning to build wind
    turbines to provide clean, renewable energy.

    Lower-than-predicted wind speeds also may make it harder to meet goals set
    in 2008 by Missouri Proposition C, which requires investor-owned electric
    utilities to obtain a gradually increasing percentage of their energy from
    renewable sources.

    In a two-year study, MU atmospheric scientist Neil Fox gathered data from
    10 wind towers across the state. At 100 meters (230 feet) above ground level,
    the height at which wind turbines operate, wind speeds averaged between 0.1 and
    1 meter per second slower than estimated on a wind map produced by the Missouri
    Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

    “While this is not good news, on the positive side, it is better to know
    the genuine wind speed rather than overestimate things,” Fox said. “To reach the
    targets of Prop C, we will need to use a range of renewable sources, and the
    amounts of each type of energy have to be based on accurate data.”

    The DNR wind map used measurements of ground-level wind speeds and other
    data to estimate wind speeds at turbine height, he said. “Characterizing how
    wind changes as we go up above the surface is actually very difficult. The
    standard equations that get used don’t always work very well.”

    The strongest winds are in the northwest corner of the state. Fox said
    these sites appear to be the ones where the errors are smaller.

    “In northwest Missouri, where most wind farm development to date has taken
    place, we’d expect to see slightly less power generated than we might have
    thought before,” he said. “Developers are not going to get quite the same return
    on their investment as they thought.”

    The disparity is worse in other parts of the state, though Fox said that
    wind power in those areas still has potential for niche applications. “There may
    be a role for smaller turbines, for personal or community-based power generation
    rather than these large wind farms that a utility company would build.”

    He noted that two years might be too short a time to establish a definitive
    climatology. The DNR wind map drew on data sampled over a 15-year period. Both
    data sets contain uncertainties calling for more investigation, he said.

    “We may find that these last two years we’ve been measuring were the worst
    two years in history,” Fox said. “Or we may find they were the best two


    Raydene Ballance, age 87, of Leonard, Missouri, died Thursday, September 17, 2009, at the Loch Haven Nursing Home in Macon, Missouri.

  • Second Half Surge Scorches Eagles

    Second Half Surge Scorches Eagles0

    Second Half Surge Scorches Eagles By David SharpKnox County came out of the gate and dominated the first quarter, and the opening seven minutes of their September 18, 2009 varsity football encounter with perennial Tri-Rivers Conference powerhouse Brookfield. The Eagles ran the ball down the Bulldog’s throats, much like Brookfield teams have done to opponents

  • Leona Rae Russell

    Leona Rae Russell0

    Leona Rae Russell Leona Rae Russell, 34, of Lomax, Illinois, passed away at her home Sunday, September 20, 2009. She was born September 14, 1975 in Burlington, Iowa the daughter of Michael and Brenda Phillips Russell. Leona had attended Fort Madison High School and Dallas City High School. She had worked in the offices of

  • Corn Scramble

    Corn Scramble0

    Children visiting the Knox County 2009 Cornfest were invited to the Citizen’s Bank of Edina’s Annual Corn Scramble. Winners of the corn scramble were: for girls 3-4 years old Savanna Schrage, girls 5-6 years old-Madison Harder, girls 7-8 years old-Theresa Boatman and Haleigh Miller, girls 9-10 years old-Audrey Howe, and girls 11-12 years old Madison