Tim Geithner: Inadequate and Careless

 Tim Geithner: Inadequate and Careless

Jefferson City_ Americans are facing unprecedented economic challenges, and it is imperative that a competent and qualified individual is running the Treasury Department. Instead, President Obama and Senator McCaskill thought it best to have the Treasury Department run by someone who in response to questions at his confirmation hearing stated his actions were “inadequate”, “careless mistakes”, and “avoidable mistakes”.

“Missourians should be very concerned about the confirmation of Mr. Geithner,” said Tina Hervey, communications director Missouri Republican Party. “For four years he failed to pay taxes, even after being informed of his obligation to do so. Both President Obama and Claire McCaskill owe an explanation to Missourians who work hard and pay their taxes every year – on time and in full. These extraordinary times call for extraordinary leadership not a lapse in basic ethics.”

We commend Senator Kit Bond’s opposition to this unacceptable appointment and echo his sentiments about the need for irreproachable leadership in important governmental posts.

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