Super Tuesday Shows Preview of November: Missouri Democrats Energized, Republicans Demoralized

Super Tuesday Shows Preview of November: Missouri Democrats Energized, Republicans Demoralized

~234,527 more Missourians voted for Democrats

than Republicans~


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo – In a possible preview of the November election, Missouri voters Tuesday overwhelmingly decided to cast their ballots for Democratic candidates in the Presidential Primary, while Missourians felt uninspired by the Republican nominees. On Super Tuesday, 58.22 percent of Missourians voted for a Democrat in the Missouri Presidential Primary, compared to only 41.64 percent of voters choosing a Republican ballot.  


According to Missouri Democratic Party Chairman John Temporiti, the 234,527 margin by which Missourians voted for Democrats shows three important signs: The energy and momentum is clearly on the Democratic side; independents and moderates are voting Democratic this cycle in record numbers; and Republicans in Missouri are not inspired by the Republican candidates, or by the Missouri Republicans who campaigned on their behalf across the state.


“I congratulate Senator Obama on his thrilling victory in Missouri and highly commend Senator Clinton on her impressive performance,” said John Temporiti, Missouri Democratic Party Chairman. “On Tuesday, Missourians voted for change in record numbers by overwhelmingly choosing a Democratic ballot. This historic turnout bodes well for Missouri Democrats this November and spells trouble for Republicans, who are uninspired by their Presidential candidates and whose gubernatorial candidates represent the same failed policies of the Blunt administration.”


According to uncertified vote totals from the Missouri Secretary of State’s website:


Total Votes = 1,414,281


Total Democratic Votes = 823,376


Total Republican Votes = 588,849


Democratic turnout = 58.22% of all voters


Republican turnout = 41.64% of all voters

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