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    Thanks for sticking your necks out…

  • Letter: Vote No On Courthouse0

    Letter to the Editor:In the upcoming April bond issue concerning the courthouse initiative, the taxpayers of this county should vote no. The previous letter to the editor on this matter (The Media, March 10, 2010, P.2) is right on the money. But there are several other major reasons in addition to Mr. Kerner’s points for

  • Letter: Barred from Museum1

    I’ve been trying to decide when was the best time to write this letter. I’ve decided the time is right. I’m going to have surgery to have a knee replacement and you never know what might happen and I want a last word just in case. I’m adding to this letter a copy of a

  • Letter: Clark County Courthouse0

    Clark County CourthouseCompleted December 1871Written in the past Joanne’s Comments- When the courthouse was built, it was outside the city limits with only about 200 inhabitants. So much has changed since 1871. Now it looks as if this stately landmark, with so much history, will be destroyed. To help save our one and only Clark

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    I just had to respond to Chris Duerr…

  • Committee Preparing Restoration Estimate0

    Committee Preparing Restoration Estimate The Save Our Courthouse Committee is still working with experienced engineers who are preparing  estimates on the cost of restoring our courthouse. The plan will include an annex wing to the existing building so it can house all of the county offices.As soon as we receive the complete information we will



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