• Life After Meth

    Life After Meth28

    By Echo Lee Menges I remember it perfectly. I remember making the decision to evacuate from our situation, from our lives as we knew them and from our addictions to crystal meth. For several years, I had been in a drug-induced emotional and mental coma, but I remember that moment with complete clarity – like

  • Knox 4th Graders Bring Missouri History To Life VIDEO

    Knox 4th Graders Bring Missouri History To Life VIDEO2

    On Thursday, April 23, 2015, the Knox County Elementary School hosted their annual Missouri History Night featuring the 4th grade students in the school’s gymnasium. Each student gave a presentation on a different Missouri born person in history which included a display, a digital slideshow and getting dressed up as their character and talking to

  • IV Drug Use Increasing In Kahoka

    IV Drug Use Increasing In Kahoka0

    By Mike Scott “Intravenous drug use is as high as I’ve remember it ever being,” said Kahoka Police Chief Bill Conger. “It gives users a faster high, but it doesn’t last as long, so they have to shoot up again.” In Kahoka, police officers execute search warrants for drug offenses about once a month, according



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