• Edina Man Accused Of Passing And Trying To Pass Counterfeit Money

    Edina Man Accused Of Passing And Trying To Pass Counterfeit Money0

    An Edina man has been arrested after allegedly trying to pass a counterfeit one-hundred-dollar-bill at a McDonalds in Lafayette County, located in Northwest Missouri. Chad Arment, 36, of Edina, MO, was arrested in Lexington, MO, on Monday, February 23, 2015, for allegedly trying to pass the counterfeit bill at a McDonalds. According to the original

  • Telephone And Online Scam Alert

    Telephone And Online Scam Alert1

    According to a local computer technician and Knox County native, Chris Gonnerman, his business, New Century Computers in LaBelle, MO, has received reports from two individuals and one business in Edina about a computer scam. People have been contacted by telephone by someone claiming to be from Microsoft or the Windows Help Center who tells

  • Mountain Lion Sighting Reported In Edina

    Mountain Lion Sighting Reported In Edina0

    An Edina resident has reported seeing a mountain lion in the southeast section of town on Thursday afternoon, February 19, 2015. According to the resident, the mountain lion was young and not fully grown. The resident reported seeing the mountain lion chase domestic barn cats across the backyard only ten to 15 yards from their



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