• Heroes Wanted

    Heroes Wanted0

    The American Red Cross is asking for your help in awarding six community heroes from Northeast Missouri by way of nominations from community members. Those wishing to nominate a candidate to receive a “Hero” award are asked to submit a typed description, up to two pages, of why you believe the person you are nominating

  • Winter Weather Calls For Caution When Driving

    Winter Weather Calls For Caution When Driving0

    MSHP – Missouri’s weather is ever-changing this time of year. Within the same week, drivers might encounter anything from dry roads to sheets of ice. The Missouri State Highway Patrol encourages motorists to plan ahead and drive safely or not at all during inclement weather. Be sure to check weather forecasts often and adjust your

  • Bitterly cold temperatures are a reality check for the Show-Me State0

    COLUMBIA, Mo. – The polar vortex that brought bitter cold temperatures to Missouri in early January left some Missourians lamenting that it’s never been this cold. Not so. We’ve just had more mild winters over the past couple of decades, says Pat Guinan, climatologist for University of Missouri Extension’s Commercial Agriculture Program. “Missouri, since the