Clark County Commissioners Approve $6.3 Million Budget for 2014

Clark County expects to spend $6,388,949.86 in 2014, according to the budget approved at the Tuesday, January 28 Budget Hearing.  No one from the public, except The Media, attended the hearing.

"This is the 2014 completed budget.  It was not an easy budget to finalize.  It is harder each year to fined enough revenue to fund each budget. The anticipated revenues and disbursements are only an estimate, so I guess we will know this time next year how close we are to the actual numbers," read County Clerk Leih Ann Hayden's budget statement.

Despite being called a "balanced budget" the budget which was approved spends $194,495.51 more than the county expects in revenue.

A detailed examination of the budget will appear in the February 5 issue of The Media.

To listen to the budget hearing, click the link below:

Presiding Commissioner Ron Brewer signs the 2014 budget.

Presiding Commissioner Ron Brewer signs the 2014 budget.

Mike Scott

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