Driver’s License Changes To Be Implemented Next Week

Clark County residents renewing their drivers’ license, permits and non-driver ID on March 11, 2013 or after will begin receiving the new Missouri driver’s license and non-driver identification cards. The new card will have the new license design with modern technology in place to better protect identity and decrease fraud.
Applicants will receive a temporary license, and may keep the old license, which will be punched “void”. The new, permanent license will be produced at a secure U.S. facility, and arrive by mail at your home within 7-10 business days.
To implement the new cards with the improved security measures, all individuals will be required to bring either an original state or local government issued birth certificate (with a raised seal or embossed stamp) or a passport and documentation showing their physical address.  Hospital issued birth certificates will not be accepted.
An applicant 65 years of age or older is not required to provide verification for place of birth when renewing upgrading or downgrading a current valid Missouri non-commercial license, permit, or non- drivers license.
Some documentation that will be accepted for address verification are utility bills from the last 60 days, voter registration card, bank statement, pay check, W-2 or 1099 forms, or property tax receipt.  The complete list of acceptable documents may be found on the DOR web site.  These documents must show the physical location address.  If your mailing address is different that your physical address you must also bring in documentation of mailing address.
In addition, youth under the age of 18 must show physical address verification.  If none is available a parent a parent may write out a statement of verification and have an acceptable document showing the parent’s physical address.
Driver and non-driver license renewal post cards, certificates of title or motor vehicle renewal notices are not acceptable .documentation.
For the full list of changes and accepted documents go to the DOR web

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