Superior Cable Trying To Save Cable TV In Edina

Superior Cable Trying To Save Cable TV In Edina

By Echo Menges

A small cable TV company, Superior Cable, has been in negotiations with Charter Cable to take over cable TV operations here in Edina since they found out we were losing our cable.
On Tuesday, October 18, Superior Cable Technician John Replogle was on his way to Memphis when he heard Edina was losing cable service on the radio. Replogle contacted to his boss, Rob Talbot, owner of Superior Cable, and the wheels to keep cable TV in Edina began to roll.
Talbot contacted Charter Cable right away and began negotiations to buy out Charter’s service in Edina.
“We’re going to try to save your system, that’s our hope. We’re hoping too many people haven’t already left.” Said Talbot. “We’re trying to work on this very quickly because they sent notices out that peoples cable was going to be shut off.”
Superior’s first order of business was to spread the word as fast a possible to existing Charter customers not to switch to a satellite provider. Letters were sent out Friday, October 21, 2011 to all existing Charter customers that their cable will not be turned off at the end of this month.
According to Replogle, cable customers won’t have to do anything to continue watching their cable. Their service will automatically switch..
“Yes (cable customers in Edina) will get to keep KTVO and all the channels they get now. There are no contracts to sign. No one will have to give a credit card number or buy or lease all that equipment.” Said Talbot. “And if something goes wrong (and has to be fixed) our services to come out are totally free.”
Superior Cable, based in Moulton, Iowa, has been in business since 2007. The company has approximately 1,500 customers in 13 towns across northern Missouri, including Greentop and Memphis.
“If people have left and find that they don’t like it once we get going we’ll probably offer a free reconnect.” Said Talbot.
To learn more about Superior Cable visit their web site at

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