Senator Brian Munzlinger Applauds Decision to Add Education Funding

Senator Brian Munzlinger Applauds
Decision to Add Education Funding

City — State Sen. Brian Munzlinger,
R-Williamstown, voted with the majority, as Missouri senators pass supplemental
budget bills for the remainder of the current fiscal year. Fiscal Year 2011 will
conclude on June 30, 2011. In approving the bills (House Bills 14
and 15),
additional money will be provided to Missouri schools.

“The past couple of years
have been difficult for the state budget, and this year is no different,” Sen.
Munzlinger said. “Fortunately, we in the Legislature have continued to live up
to our commitment to put education first. We are doing so without raising taxes
and without cutting critical services.”

With the funding, through
House Bill 15, education funding will continue at present levels. A change to
the foundation funding formula in 2005 requires the state to spend at least 25
percent of its annual budget on education.

“We are about to start
debating the budget for the next fiscal year,” Sen. Munzlinger said. “State
revenues are up a little, but we are still short of where we were just a few
years ago. Our laws require us to submit a balanced budget, and we will, while
continuing our commitment to education.”

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