Knox County Municipal Election Results

Knox County Municipal Election Results

By Echo Menges

The Knox County Municipal Election was held Tuesday, April 5, 2011. According to the Knox County Clerk’s Office there were 621 Ballots cast out of the 2843 registered voters throughout the county. The voter turnout for this municipal election was 21.84 percent.
In the Knox County R-I School Board Election all three incumbents were re-elected. Each will serve a three-year term on the KCR-I Board of Education. Nancy Averill received 490 votes, which is 29.68 percent of the total KCR-I BOE votes cast; Mark Cardwell received 455 votes at 27.56 percent; Stacy Harder received 417 votes at 25.26 percent. Challenger Mark Hunolt received 289 votes at 17.5 percent.
In Edina the Third Ward Alderman seat was the only contested race. 109 Third Ward votes were cast. Incumbent Tom Morgret was re-elected to another two-year term with 70 votes at 64.22 percent to challenger Scott Krunze’s 39 votes at 35.78 percent.
Uncontested Edina Aldermen were Gordon Edwards who received 72 votes from Ward One and Craig Miller who received 46 votes from Ward Two. Both will serve another two-year term.
Also in Edina Proposition One passed with 167 voters voting yes at 70.76 percent to 69 voting no at 29.24 percent. What that means is the City of Edina’s Collector position will no longer be a public office. Voters have placed the responsibility of appointing a City Collector upon the Mayor of Edina who’s appointment will have to be approved by the rest of the City Council before that appointee can officially hold the position. Last year the City Council effectively eliminated the City Collector position by voting to drop the Collector’s salary down from a percentage of their collections to one dollar making it a name only position and hiring a billing clerk. These changes came after the unexpected resignation of 14-year veteran, Betty Morgret. Melissa Yoakum was hired as the City of Edina’s billing clerk and was later appointed to the “name only” position of City Collector.
Municipal Election Results for all of Knox County are as follows:
Knox Co. BOE 3 Year (3)
Total Votes 1651
Mark Hunolt 289
Nancy Averill 490
Stacy Harder 417
Mark Cardwell 455
Lewis Co. BOE 3 Year (3)
Total Votes 6
Donna R. Collier 1
Douglas G. Lay 2
Jamie Brennan 0
Harry Scrfres 2
Randall Sharpe 1
Lewis Co. BOE 1 Year
Total Votes 2
Neil Jennings 2
E. H. Smith 0
Baring Mayor
Total Votes 19
Russell Schultz 17
Write-in 2
Baring City Council (2)
Total Votes 34
Kris Easily 18
Justin Shultz 16
Edina Ward 1 Alderman
Total Votes 75
Gordon Edwards 73
Write-in 2
Edina Ward 2 Alderman
Total Votes 46
Craig Miller 46
Edina Ward 3 Alderman
Total Votes 109
Thomas R. Morgret 70
Scott Krunze 39
Edina Proposition 1
Total Votes 236
Yes 167
No 69
Hurdland West Ward Alderman
Total Votes 0

Hurdland East Ward Alderman 1 Year
Total Votes 1
Qualified Write-in Joshua Brummit 1
Hurdland East Ward Alderman
Total Votes 1
Qualified Write-in 0
Knox City North Alderman
Total Votes 11
Michael E. Rash 11
Knox City South Alderman
Total Votes 18
David McCabe 18
Knox City Marshall/Collector
Total Votes 12
Certified Write-in Loretta A. Goodwin 12
Newark Trustees (2)
Total Votes 20
Leslie Irons 9
Meg Glover 11
Novelty Trustees (2)
Total Votes 16
Write-in Joyce Peavler 6
Write-in Linda Stukenberg 5
Write-in Pat Carlson 2
Write-in Jason Violette 1
Jerry Lincoln 1
Jim Lincoln 1

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