Edina’s City Collector Resigns

Edina’s City Collector Resigns

By Echo Menges

After serving as Edina’s City Collector for over 14 years Betty Morgret turned in her letter of resignation Tuesday morning September 14, 2010. The letter stated she was resigning for “personal reasons”.
The Edina City Council had a closed emergency meeting the same day at noon. The mayor and Aldermen voted to accept Morgret’s resignation unanimously. The only Alderman who did not attend the emergency meeting was Tom Morgret.
Because Morgret was an elected official the Mayor of Edina, Davie Strickler, will have to appoint someone to take her place. Once the Mayor makes an appointment the City Council will have to approve them before they can take office. Whoever is appointed will remain in office until the next general city election, which is in April of next year, at which time the voters of Edina will elect a new City Collector. Prospective candidates can file to be put on the ballot this December.
Another emergency City Council meeting is being held Monday evening September 20, 2010 at 7:00pm to go over the City Collector’s job description, skills required, and work on developing a time line to get the position filled.
Mayor Strickler expressed he was sad to see Morgret go and wishes her well.

One Response to Edina’s City Collector Resigns

  1. Anonymous

    September 30, 2010 at 2:54 AM

    Why would she resign for “personal reasons?” I could speculate, but refuse to gossip. I must say she’s pretty young to retire. But we may never know what really happened, as if it’s meant to be kept a secret, it will be. I’m pretty sure we, as Edina Citizens, need an apology. I’ll part with this thought– Never, in all the cities I’ve lived in have I addressed my check to a person for the water bill.

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