Kahoka Council Approves Up To $200,000 for Street Paving

Kahoka Council Approves Up To $200,000 for Street Paving

By Mike Scott

Some of Kahoka’s needy streets will get some much needed new paving in the near future. At Monday night’s Kahoka Board of Aldermen meeting, the council approved spending up to $200,000 to pave 16-17 city blocks. W.L Miller of Hamilton, Illinois was the only bidder for the project.
The board also discussed ongoing problems with storm water infiltrating the city’s sanitary sewer system, causing overflows and discharges of untreated waste. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources want to know how the city is addressing the problem.
“It’s been two months since we first discussed this,” said Alderman Curtis Mack. “We agreed to start by taking care of our problems .
Among the city’s plans are conducting a smoke test on city sewers, improving drainage ditches, and communicating with residents that may have sump pumps connected to the city sewer system. Kahoka residents will receive a letter explaining the issues with their next utility bill.
The board discussed the possibility of contracting or hiring an individual to clear ditches using the city’s new $50,000 track hoe. Current employees don’t have the time or training necessary to safely do the work. No decision was made.
Ameren UE Representative Annette Sweet was on hand to discuss recent power outages, which resulted from problems related to transmission lines coming from Iowa.
In other business, the council:
–Will meet with Kent Nixon on Tuesday evening to view proposed plans to correct the plat problem at the MFA gas station.
–Discussed purchasing flashing red lights for the intersection at Johnson and Main. Cost estimates were nearly $2000 per light, or $8000 total. The board is going
to look at other options.
–Approved the sale of the old fire department equipment
van. ?The previous high bidder refuse to purchase, so the council awarded the truck to the next highest bidder, Bill Conger, for $600.
–The city is seeking bids to roof city hall. They agreed to advertise for bidders.
–Approved the purchase of two sets of rain gear for electrical and cable department employees.
–Approved a settlement agreement with AT&T Wireless/T-Mobile, for service in Kahoka. The city will receive $166.50.
–Approved a liquor license for Cruiser Bar and Grill.
–Denied a claim by a driver who hit the gate at OMAKOHAK Park. The collision broker her windshield. According to Police Chief Bill Conger, she admitted she wasn’t watching where she was going.
–Received a report from the Cemetery Committee. Roads in the cemetery need maintenance, and the stone restoration project should begin this month.
–Surveyors may be able to start work planning the extension of the waterline crossing of the Fox River new Wayland this week.

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