• Former Commissioners Respond1

    Former Commissioners Respond This is written in response to the flier that was handed out during the Old Settler’s Day celebration Sept. 26, 2009.We are concerned as to what the Committee to Save Our Courthouse was trying to convey. Yes, it is true that in 1983 (26 years ago) we as County Commissioners at that

  • Where were WE years ago?0

    Since names were invoked in the courthouse issue article from the “former commissioners”  I wish to respond and correct a few errors in the accusations: Where were WE years ago? I will not speak for Joanne, Linda, or Marvis.  I can only say where I was, and I can assure you that for over twenty

  • Use Stimulus To Restore Courthouse1

    Letter To Editor I would like the citizens of Clark County to know a few factsabout the courthouse stimulus money. First, I have to say “GreatJob” to the commissioners on applying for this money. When Iread about it in the paper we were told it could only be used tobuild a new building. But, if

  • Speak Out On Courthouse2

    Letter to The Editor: Not so many weeks ago I wrote a letter to this editor in regards to the salvation of the Clark County Courthouse. I really expected, if not a lot, some, response from this community as to their thoughts on the destruction of the courthouse. Whether pro or con I expected some

  • Temporary Housing Costs For Renovation Plan Could Be Better Spent0

    Temporary Housing Costs For Renovation Plan Could Be Better Spent Fellow County Residents I am a member of the Courthouse Committee, and have attended every meeting held on the courthouse including the one held at the Care building by the Committee to Save the Courthouse.  I have listened to building experts, state and local historical

  • Committee Reviewed All Options0

    Committee Reviewed All Options As a volunteer member of the original courthouse committee that was selected to make recommendations to the commissioners I want to make it clear that we, as a committee, reviewed many options. All of our meetings were public meetings and the times and dates were posted and often placed in the



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