Animal Ordinance Revisions Pass First Reading

Animal Ordinance Revisions Pass First Reading

 By Mike Scott

The City of Kahoka is one step closer to having new animal control ordinances in force.  At the Monday night, October 14 meeting of the Kahoka Board of Aldermen, the council gave first reading approval to the changes, which mandate restrictions on the number of animals a Kahoka resident can maintain, as well as the conditions for maintaining those animals.  The ordinance changes also included significant civil financial penalties for violations.
The ordinances will replace parts of Kahoka’s current ordinance which was declared unconstitutional earlier this year.
“These changes have been subject to two public hearings and have been available for public review,” noted City Attorney Rick Roberts.
A second reading will be held at the next regular meeting, and a third reading and enactment should be voted on in December.
The board approved the purchase of a new bucket truck for the city’s Electric Department to use.  The truck will cost approximately $102,700, and will replace the 1997 model truck now in service.  Funding for the truck will come from the city’s Electric Department money market account.  The board approved the purchase on a 3-1 vote, with Alderman Jeff Wood voting against the purchase.
Alderman Jerry Webber read a report from Scott Goeben of the city Cable Department.  Goeben set forth five goals:
1) Complete changes and upgrades proposed by consultant.
2) Reserve Tuesday and Thursday to work on the system rebuild.
3) Be creative in finding ways to get the rebuild complete quicker
4) Set aside installs to add customers
5) Proposed completion of rebuild in one year.
The board passed wage ordinance changes for city employees James Alderton and Scott Goeben.  Alderton will now receive $10 per hour, effective August 4, 2009, and Goeben will receive $12.70 per hour, effective September 21.
The board also approved two readings of an ordinance establishing Tuesday, April 6, as the date for the municipal election for one alderman from each of the East and West Wards.  Candidate filing will begin December 15, with the deadline being January 19, 2010.  A final reading of this ordinance will take place at the November meeting.
In other business, the council:
–On the recommendation of Fire Chief Lary Fountain, the board agreed to install two fire hydrants on the east side of North Johnson, near and north of Northbrook Drive.  Currently, if there were a fire in that area, hoses would have to cross the highway.
–Approved building permits for Debbie Lowry and Pearl Sanders.
–Heard a report from Annette Sweet of Ameren UE in Kirksville.  The board agreed to have Electric Dept. meet with their dispatcher to discuss emergency procedures.
–Discussed the Health Department’s grant to install sidewalks near Black Hawk.  The board has concerns about the locations of the proposed sidewalks and their set back from the street.  Mayor Wayne Blum appointed Aldermen Curtis Mack and Larry Young to meet with Valerie Brown to work out an arrangement acceptable to the city.
–The council discussed applying for a grant to install sidewalks on Main St. from Hwy. 81 east to the High School.
–Mayor Blum reported the Airport Committee is reorganizing, and the city will need to meet with the new committee officers.
–Agreed to paint parking stripes on the south side of the Senior Center.
–Approved hiring two part time police officers:  Brian Lewis and Darin Dalton.
–Alderman Webber proposed a meeting with local banks to see what could be done to maximize the city’s earnings.
–Curtis Mack stated that another collection letter needed to be sent to Kent Nixon for the city’s costs associated with the CountryEdge Subdivision.
–Mack also discussed problems with ARAMARK, the company which provides uniforms for city employees.
–Alderman Larry Young stated that the city will pick up limbs and brush, but not entire trees.
–The council agreed to purchase a new back door for the Historical Society.
–Discussed having city workers burn leaves in drainage ditches to allow water to drain.


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