Old Settlers Kids Run

Old Settlers Kids Run

Two new events at this year’s Old Settlers Day were a 5K race and a Kids Fun Run.  Over 25 kids raced around the square Saturday morning.  They were: Logan Gutting, Landon Gutting, Carson Cormier, Calissa Cormier, Logan Claiborne, Katie Wardlow, Isaac Wardlow, Gabe Brotherton, Maggie Schutte, Brodee Stewart, Abbigayle Stewart, Renee Hall, Robin Cooksey, Emily Brown, Elly Hamner, Kayden Hamner, Kyle Anderson, Brynn Sprague, Lucas Eddleman, Ceara Wardlow, Austin Bradley, Leighton Bradley, Aaron Day, Kristil Schorr, Trevor Schorr.

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