2009 Cornfest Grand Prize Winners Announced

2009 Cornfest Grand Prize Winners Announced

By Beth Hunolt

 Various area business, organizations, and individuals donated Grand Prizes at this year’s Knox County Corn Festival, and a lot of prizes mean a lot of winners. Tickets for the Grand Prizes were on sale throughout the weekend of Cornfest at the information tent in the courthouse lawn. Names were drawn on Sunday afternoon at 3:00 pm by Jeff Doss; winners must collect their prize with in three minutes or forfeit their prize to another name. The lucky winners and the treasures they were awarded are as follows:
Nancy Shouse   
Two-Minute Shopping Spree from C&R Markets
Norma Shahan   
Pedal Tractor
Carolyn Rudicil  
Rural Electric BBQ Grill
Bridget Nunan    
Helena Weathervane
Donna Jones      
A Tarpein Welcome Log
Marie Staples     
Wooden Rocker
Verne Marble      
KC Kut Up’s Quilt Drawing
Mary Delaney      
Case of Oil from MFA
Beuliah Trupin   
Tupperware set
Jack Bishop      
Car Cleaning Kit
Gail Doss             
Mums from Bailey’s Floral   $50 Saving Bond
David Mitchell    
Quarter Set
Helen Karhoff     
Mums from Bailey’s Floral
$50 Saving Bond from Citizens Bank of Edina
Shawn Poore     
Mums From Bailey’s Floral
Sandy Hunolt      
Mums from Bailey’s Floral
Janice Browning
Mums from Bailey’s Floral
Don Woodward   
$25 Walmart Gift Card
June Kline
$25 Walmart Gift Card
 Kellen Gillaspy   
$50 Werr Accounting
Brian Dooley
$100 Deveny Brown Fourtney Law Office
 Sherri Miller
$50 Gift Certificate to Lumley Meat Locker
 Bob Shahan
$50 from Cornfest
Randy Spiad         
$50 from Cornfest
 Hunter Beckmon     
$100 from BP
 Janice McGinnins
$50 Savings Bond from USB
 Deanna McKenzie
$100 Savings Bond from USB
Anita Gibbons  
$50 from Citizens Bank of Edina
Amanda Cannady
$100 Saving Bond from USB
Silver Eagle Coin Set
10 Tons of Rock

Tom Morgret      
10 Tons of Rock
 Laurie Bishop
Silver Eagle Coin Set
 Tyler Fraley    
Silver Eagle Coin Set
 Keith Long
Silver Eagle Coin Set
 Mary Ann Yoakum
$100 Gift Card from C&R
 Angela Justice      $50
 Debbie Dick         
$50 Gift Card to Casey’s
Jack Readon            $50
Cheryl Hayes            $100
Melonie Morgret       $50


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