City of Kahoka To Pay DNR Fine

City of Kahoka To Pay DNR Fine

By Mike Scott

The City of Kahoka has agreed to pay a fine related to the demolition of some buildings funded by a Community Development Block Grant.  
At a special session of the Kahoka Board of Aldermen on Monday, June 29, the agreed to pay the $500 fine and accept two years probation from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.
At issue was the timing of the demolition of some of the buildings.  Mayor Wayne Blum explained that the city had contracted with Harold (Bub) Campbell to perform the demolition work.  As part of the agreement, Campbell hired an asbestos inspector, who inspected the buildings and apparently told Campbell he could proceed with demolition.
“There was absolutely no violation of the Clean Air Act, or any asbestos violation,” said Kahoka City Attorney Rick Roberts.  “Our contractor hired an asbestos expert who simply didn’t let him know the correct start date.”  Campbell is also subject to a fine.
The fine could have been up to $10,000 per
Coincidentally, a DNR inspector visited Kahoka on the day Campbell started demolition.
Compounding the issue is that the DNR’s letter to Campbell with the start date was sent to the wrong address, according to Mayor Blum.
“It’s a screw up on their part,” said Alderman Jeff Wood, noting that in addition to Campbell’s letter being sent to the wrong address, mail to the city is still being addressed to Mayor Herb Butler, who passed away last year.
Alderman Jerry Webber stated that after the fine is paid, he would like to discuss the matter with our legislators.  
Ironically, the fine can be paid using unspent grant money, and will go to the benefit of the Clark Co. R-1 School District.
In other business, the board also agreed to a two-year extension of Kohlmorgan Hauling’s contract with the city to provide garbage collection.  
Mayor Blum also asked if the city has any ordinances that would effect the construction of a private wind generator atop a 65-foot high tower.  The board will seek more information on this issue.

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