25th Annual Bald Eagle Appreciation Days

25th Annual Bald Eagle Appreciation Days

Keokuk Iowa. The 25th Annual Bald Eagle Appreciation Days will be held January 17-18, 2009 in Keokuk, Iowa. This year marks a celebration for the Keokuk Tourism Bureau and the Iowa DNR which started Bald Eagle Appreciation Days in 1984.

Personnel from the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Lee County Conservation Board, Iowa DNR and Illinois DNR will man the observation points along the river.
Wildlife, conservation and environmental agencies will show exhibit in River City Mall.
Free seminars throughout the weekend will include:
* Eagles and Lead Shot. Kay Neumann, B.A, M.S, will discuss the appearance of lead shot in Wintering Eagles, its effects and solutions to the problem.
* Inventory and monitoring projects with Red-shouldered Hawks and other birds along the Upper Mississippi River. by Jon “Hawk“ Stravers, Research and Field Trip Coordinator for Audubon’s Mississippi River Initiative.
On Saturday he will be joined by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dave Moore for a program of American roots music in celebration of natural heritage and the natural rhythms of life.
* Going Hog Wild, a specialist from Iowa State University Extension, will discuss Feral Hogs and the growing concerns in the Tri-States.
* After the Reporters Are Gone: The Long-lasting Effects of the 2008 Floods on the Mississippi River’s Eco-System , by Jon Stravers.
Also, the World Bird Sanctuary of St. Louis will present free and hourly all-eagle shows throughout the weekend at the Plaza Cinema in the River City Mall. Featured raptors this year are the Bateleur Eagle from Africa, a Long Crested Eagle from Africa, a Golden Eagle and our National symbol, the American Bald Eagle. The presentations are hourly beginning at 10:00 a.m. Saturday and 11:00 a.m. Sunday.
Native American activities will be available throughout the weekend. Visitors and residents can learn Native American History of the Keokuk area.
The Night Eagle Singers from Wisconsin will perform this year.
The Tri-State Woodcarvers' show will expand this year to include carvers from throughout the Midwest. More than 40 tables of carvings will be featured in the Holiday Inn Express, across from the River City Mall.
Bald Eagle Appreciation Days is presented by the Keokuk Area Convention & Tourism Bureau and the Lee County Conservation Board.

For more a schedule of events & more information, call 800-383-1219 or 319-524-5599, e-mail: info@keokukiowatourism.org or www.keokukiowatourism.org

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