CCR-1 Scholarships Awarded

These scholarships were presented at Monday nights Academic Awards.  This list will be printed in the May 21 issue of The Media.


Lewis County REC: $1000 – Jennifer Mohr, Cassandra Shoup, Ryan St. Clair
Kahoka Alumni: $500 – Brittany Malone
Earl Collins Foundation Scholarship: Katie Meinhardt
Clark County Longbeards: $1000 – Ryan St. Clair 2nd, $1000 – Amanda Winters 1st
National Wild Turkey Federation: $1000 Amanda Winters
Clark County Moose Lodge #1432 of Kahoka Scholarships: $250 – Wade Huston, Jonie Kirchner, Krista Pezley, Ryan Roberts, Rob Schutte, Colt Sommers, Hayley Yates
Ayer Boatman Post #4342 VFW Ladies Auxiliary: $200 – Jonie Kirchner, $100 – Katie Meinhardt
St. Francisville Masonic Lodge: $500 - Kayli Lovell, Katie Meinhardt, Megan Wilson
Sports Booster: Tony Edmondson, Ryan Roberts, Rob Schutte, Ryan St. Clair, Brenna Buford, Daryle Goldie, Audrey Moon, Amanda Winters
Mark Trump Memorial Agricultural Scholarship: $1,000 – Erik Arnold, Brenna Buford, Ashton Krueger, Alyssa Redding, Ryan St. Clair
MFA Scholarship: $2000 – Amber Christy
Kahoka State Bank Scholarship: $500 – Ryan St. Clair, $250 – Ashton Krueger, $150 – Erick Arnold
Kahoka Chamber of Commerce Scholarship: $150 – Cassandra Shoup
Clark County Young Farmers Scholarship: $200 – Brenna Buford, Ashton Krueger, Ryan St. Clair, Teri Walker, Megan Wilson
Curfman Memorial Scholarship: Rob Schutte
Abby Scott Memorial Scholarship: $500 - Chloe Bertschi
FFA Alumni Scholarship: $250 – Brenna Buford, Alyssa Redding
Clark County Cattlemen’s Scholarship: $250 – Ryan St. Clair, Teri Walker
National Honor Society Scholarship: $200 – Audrey Kerr, Brittany Logsdon
Fore Family Scholarships: $1000 – Ashton Krueger, Rob Schutte, Ryan St. Clair
CTA Scholarship: $250 – Daryl Goldie
Beta Psi Scholarship for Delta Kappa Gamma: $250 – Arynn Londrie
Ray Church Memorial Scholarship: $250 – Daryle Goldie
Amy Busse Smith Scholarship: $500 for 3 yrs. – Jonie Kirchner, Kayli Lovell
Student Council Scholarship: $200 – Audrey Moon
Key Club Scholarships: $50 – Erick Arnold, Brenna Buford, Callie Carroll, Daryle Goldie, Jonie Kirchner, Ashton Krueger, Brittany Logsdon, Arynn Londrie, Kayli Lovell, Katie Meinhardt, Audrey Moon, Trista Nelsen, Kayla Oilar, Jaclyn Otte, Cassie Shoup, Kassidy Shuman
FCCLA Scholarship: $500 – Jaclyn Otte and Jonie Kirchner
Pepsi Scholarship: $500 – Chloe Bertschi
Flying J: $2,000 – Chloe Bertschi
Orscheln 4-H Scholarship: $1,000 – Brenna Buford
Scotland Co. Memorial Hospital Scholarship: $500 – Katie Meinhardt

Dollars For Scholars:
$100 Scholarships: Erick Arnold, Ethan Hogan, Brittany Malone, Kayla Oilar, Jacqueline Plenge, Ryan Roberts, Amanda Stewart, Emily Stewart, Amber Webster, Amanda Winters, Megan Wilson
$200 Scholarships: Anthony Edmondson, Daryle Goldie, Ryan St. Clair
$300 Scholarships: Brenna Buford, Cassie Gregorcyk, Audrey Kerr, Jonie Kirchner, Ashton Krueger, Audrey Moon, Jaclyn Otte, Alyssa Redding, Rob Schutte, Teri Walker
$500 Scholarship: Callie Carroll, Kayli Lovell, Krista Pezley, Cassie Shoup, Kristen St. Cliar
$850 Scholarship: Katie Meinhardt
$1,000 Scholarship: Brittany Logsdon
$1,100 Scholarship: Chloe Bertschi
Classes of 1960s Scholarship: $500 – Chloe Bertschi

College Awards
Culver-Stockton College:
Arynn Londrie - President’s Scholarship $8,500 for four years
EXP@CSC Curriculum Award for $4,500
Kayla Oilar - President’s Scholarship $8,500 for four years
EXP@CSC Curriculum Award for $4,500
Tony Edmondson - Hilltop Scholarship $7,500 for four years
EXP@CSC Curriculum Award for $3,500
Football Scholarship
Syerra Huston – Hilltop Scholarship $7,500 for four years
EXP@CSC Curriculum Award for $3,500
Jen Mohr -- Wildcat Scholarship $6,000 for four years
EXP@CSC Curriculum Award for $3,000

Missouri Western State University
Brittany L. Malone – President’s Academic Scholarship $4,000

North Central Missouri College
Kristen St. Clair – Foundation Scholarship $350/semester

Northwest Missouri State University:
Ethan Hogan - Freshman Merit Award $500
Kayli Lovell – Freshman Merit Award $500
Alyssa Redding – Academic Excellence Scholarship $2,000
Quincy University:
Kassidy Shuman - Academic Scholarship
Trista Nelsen - Academic Scholarship

Simpson College:
Rob Schutte – Honors Scholarship $10,000 for 4 years

Truman State University:
Chloe Bertschi – A+ Scholarship $1,500
President’s Honorary Scholarship $3,000
President’s Combined Ability Scholarship $2,000
Andrew Harper - President’s Combined Ability Scholarship $1,000
Gus Roberts – Endowment Scholarship $900
Cassandra Shoup – President Eugene and Alta Fair Scholarship $1,000

University Central Missouri:
Arynn Londrie – Red & Black Scholarship $2,250 renewable
Krista Pezley – Red & Black Scholarship $6,000 renewable

Bright Flight: Chloe Bertschi - $2,000

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